Respect Yes, Fear No: Horses Feel The Panic Of The Rider

Support for people like animals, to resolve mental and physical blockages. A sudden sound of a tractor, the dreaded flutter by plastic sheeting. The horse is headless and the rider panic: almost everyone who sits in the saddle has seen something similar. Who is balanced but, rides on a well-trained horse, masters so a situation normally without prejudice. But already in prehistoric times by rider or horse ever happened like, it can cause dangerous situations and severe accidents. Team coaching led the 50-year old psychologist for horse and rider awareness to the effect of untreated trauma in humans and animals even to give up their detailed good practice as a resident psychotherapist, with full power of behavior therapy horses and the rider to the Mentalcoaching. Because horses are her passion. John R. Gibson insists that this is the case. What is special about their approach explains Martina Cup: “horse and rider are a team, that’s why I look at both sides.

ReiterUND horse coached alike, depending on who most needs to be supported”. That it is necessary as a psychologist also specifically for the partner of the rider, the horse, to use their skills and knowledge, it became clear her as once again a client came to her, due to a serious riding accident in the youth suffered from anxiety in the riding. In addition, she had an extremely anxious Mare, who was already gone through several hands due to their difficult nature. Blocks solve one of the methods that it uses to support their coaching with acupuncture without needles, EFT, a psychological Klopfakkupunktur that contributes to the harmony to make horse and rider. This specific meridian points on the body such as in a “acupuncture without needles” with your fingers be knocked or massaged. That supports recognised people as well as animals to dissolve emotional and physical blocks.

“Horses are very open-minded to and overcome their problems fast”. As riders, that horse had a frightening experience with your partner, be successfully treated with the method”, Martina white mug from their practice. Learn respect without fear of riding with respect for the animal, but without fear, that’s what aspires to the psychologist with their work and in their seminars: “To see how horses and riders relaxed with each other deal, respectfully, but without fear, are the moments which confirm to me how important this work is”. Above all, the goal to help riders and riders, no matter whether amateur or professional, to fulfill their dream of harmonious leisure horse stands. More info: a film contribution to the work of Martina is Cup to see pictures Advisor under Klaus Leuschner image download in 300 dpi: questions and pictures we hesitate to provide your contact: Ursula Kuhn Printis equestrian PR Agency for marketing and PR / Agence de marketing et relations publiques-Rudolf-Breitscheid-str. 49 90762 Furth Germany/Allemagne Tel.: +49-(0)911 43 13 747 fax.: +49-(0)911 – 43 11 860 E-Mail: