Ramon Gallegos

That is natural and I include myself in that resistance from the first moment, however, go knowing each one of the members of the group, to see its light through the eyes of the soul internal, your sincere and friendly service makes it to generate a relationship of friendship deeply, as if we knew us many years ago, the teachers with whom we started work radiate harmony and the conviction that has given them a previous preparation in the masters in holistic education and more even the transmission of knowledge that we receive directly from Dr. Ramon Gallegos and his wife Vicky. At the end of the first period classroom, I felt safe to have reached the right place to make a great leap in my own development, a growing insurance of my own spirituality, in my conscience, my whole being and with the conviction that this new experience I would much more ability to perform works that benefit other people and nature itselfboth for my professional work specializing in water issues, as for my relationship with those around me both my family and with anyone who has relationship with me. My feelings on that entry was total satisfaction for having taken a correct decision, expectations they were really outnumbered, the environment and peers inspire confidence, I had found what I needed at that time, my intuition was right once again. 3. During the masters before entering the master’s program, had already read the book a brief history of all things, grace and courage and a good amount of articles and writings of Ken Wilber’s Internet. Enter the materials of the first half, whose contents have much of the work of this author, caused me great joy, the fact discuss and learn widely about the perennial philosophy, on the dynamic spiral, the holones and holarquias, the quadrants of the Kosmos, and was all focused on their implementation through education, to my extreme joyI already had a history of this but could not talk him with anyone for being unknown topics for those who surround me.