Ramon Gallegos

In the second stage is the search engine in which no longer meets him what I thought and starts to search for different teachings that lead to find and strengthen their own spirituality. In the third phase, which is that of the observer, this begins when the seeker realizes that what was looking for outside, is within him. To achieve this meditation will help reach and maintain mindfulness, seeing things as they are, in an even-handed attitude, arreactiva, allowing you to have a peaceful mind (8) to realize actually who we are. That is, the true knowledge of our nature, which leads to non-duality, there are no different beings; Being single and being universal are one and the same. Therefore you can say that self, God and the Guru are the same.

Spiritual intelligence is self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation, that allows us to understand that the knowledge of one same, same that based the correct action in the world and with all things is essential. Spirituality is a direct, immediate, and internal, experience that awakens consciousness and the experience of the whole, where it recognizes the true nature of being and brings a sense of peace, certainty, clarity, wisdom, compassion and universal love as a result. It is also considered a vision of the world, of all aspects of reality that is characterized by a vision not dualistic, unified, holistic, where awareness is the substratum common to all beings, spirituality implies that only the mind exists, although its manifestations are multiple. Ramon Gallegos noted that two types of thought, the first degree that is instrumental and comes from ego and a thought can be differentiated from second grade that is holistic and integrative and comes from a pacified mind, which does mention must call spiritual intelligence that is wisdom, discernment, and depth. This means live in fullness and happiness. Ramon Gallegos tells us that spiritual intelligence is the voice of conscience that calls for its own awakening.