Ramon Gallegos

Ramon Gallegos explained that the central theme in this book is the relationship between holistic education and the evolution of human consciousness, the ultimate meaning be educators is a sense spiritual, autotrasendente, says that to educate is to facilitate the evolution of consciousness towards its final integrity. Across the time tabled different paradigms in education, and in his work and in person, Dr. Ramon Gallegos explains these changes with respect to education: 400 years ago the vision of the world predominantly dogmatic era centered on the Catholic Church who had the world command: this from the Middle Ages until 17TH century. The explanations given to close to life were based on dogma, the authority tradition and faith. Here the Church had command of everything including education, and who complies with its rules was guaranteed that it was on the right track but Ramon tells us that in none of the two preceding paradigms, human being manages to evolve your conscience. The study of the master’s degree in Sociology of culture, Ramon Gallegos relates how was a space to organize your holistic vision and rediscover the world of new paradigms, as well as to investigate beyond Postmodernity and social theory academic, since none of these developments included non dual knowledge or spiritual level, so important for him.

He mentions his coordinator, Dr. SociologiFrancisco Moreno, with whom he found a friend and was who encouraged him to continue developing his holistic thinking warning the oppositions of part of the conservative thinkers who should face; and established a very meaningful dialogue about the holistic vision. Open-minded to consider and investigate new conocimiento. Gallegos said that scientific and academic rigour as well as his long experience as epistemologist nuanced, located and enriched their insights, theories and models that was producing. He says he encouraged it to continue desarrollando their holistic thinking and warning him that, generally, new visions faced stiff opposition by parle conservative thinkers.