Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are … Is it possible to place another set meal? And to draw conclusions about a man that in his fridge? About this and other "eat-em-eat," said the practitioner psychologist Azaleas Snigirevoy.Mozhno whether judge a man by what he eats and how? Food – this is a source of joy. Eating can be safely attributed to the indicator of how much a person of joy in life. If a person is obese, think for yourself what his joy in life and where it has its cherpaet.To lack of positive emotions encourages people to unlimited, uncontrolled food intake? By itself, the phrase "uncontrolled eating" is not quite correct. Man, while awake, is conscious and therefore we can safely say that the food intake – action fully conscious. Another thing – the so-called greedy Jordan.

That is a problem associated podsoznaniya.Kak this "disease" problems in their personal lives, at work, part-time self-fulfilling? Well-known psychotherapist, founder of the method of systemic family constellations Bert Hellinger says, "When you are overweight, you are not eating the food you eat his mother. " That is, you do not take my mother for who she is, often blame and do not understand it, the most towering over her. Wording, of course, in itself is terrible, but you want to believe it or not, in fact. By the way, problems associated with success, self-realization and personal life, too, is related to how to overcome materi.I dependence on food? You do not depend on food, and from his mother.