Proper Procedure

Notice of defect is a problem that occurs in many German homes to the landlord mould. The mold is discovered later, it can be harder to get rid of him. The news portal informed of the formation of mildew and explains what claims can assert tenants. An estimated three million tenants of the harmful fungus are affected in Germany. Center for Environmental Health will not settle for partial explanations. Even more often have to fight homeowners with mildew: about 75 percent have to deal according to the German Association of private building owners with this problem. Many tenants know that moisture is the main cause of mold growth.

Landlord pointed out sometimes, that will the concerned apartments not adequately ventilated and heated, and see in this respect the law. (Similarly see: Charles Margulis ). However this is not in any case. Although incorrect airing can quite encourage mold growth, however, the infestation is not uncommon on a missing or faulty insulation or potential thermal bridges due to. In addition to new, very tight window prevents an air exchange. Mildew tenant should follow is basically as soon as possible in writing to their landlord. Visit Daryl Katz for more clarity on the issue. In the notification of defects, a realistic date should be set up to resolve the damage to. In the event of a dispute, the landlord bears the burden first. So, he must prove that there are no structural defects.

The landlord is not willing to remedy the defect, tenants themselves can hire a specialist. They may claim reimbursement of the corresponding costs in an emergency court. If the landlord does not respond to the notice of defect, rent reductions are possible. More information: company /… GmbH Lisa Neumann.