Procedures to Improve Overall Health

Repeat 3-4 times a day. Last inhalation can make a living>> with water and soda. Decrease the urge to cough, improves overall health. If necessary, repeat treatment. 6. Inflammation of the liver.

Daily for 4-7 days to take 4 times 1 / 2 cup: 1-day only "dead>> water, the next – just live>> water. 7. Inflammation of the colon (colitis). On the first day is better not to eat anything. During the day, drink 3-4 times per 1 / 2 cups of the dead>> Water "Fortress>> in the 2,0 pH. The disease runs for – 2 days.

8. Gastritis. Within three days, 3 times a day, for 1 / 2 hour before a meal to drink a "living>> water. On the first day 1 / 4 cup in the other 1 / 2 cup. If necessary, you can drink another 3-4 days. Undergo pain stomach acidity is reduced, improving appetite and overall health. 9. Herpes (cold). Before treatment, rinse your mouth and nose of the dead>> water and drink 1 / 2 cup of the dead>> water. Vial contents herpes disrupt cotton swab moistened with warmed the dead>> water. Further, during the day 7-8 times for 3-4 minutes put a cotton swab soaked "dead>> water to the affected area. On the second day, drink 1 / 2 cup of the dead>> water, repeat rinse. Swab dipped in the dead>> water to the crust that formed applying 3-4 times per day. Need a little patience when picking a vial. Burning and itching stopped within 2-3 hours.