Problems Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse

The drug problem in our country, and in many countries around the world probably is the main problem that has affected all age strata. Because the drug does not examine neither age nor sex, nor the race of man. Drug around the world and keep up with drug trafficking – is one of the difficult tasks that address governments interested in the destruction of this plague. But to win over this problem only a little effort Governments need to man himself as a person was aware of the threat of this problem and helping to combat it. Also, the most important issue is the treatment of narkozavisyaschih, that is, people are already suffering from this disease. Now there are many different clinics, centers, and public organizations that help to cure this no arcs. One of these is Narconon centers in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The most important feature of this center from other organizations is that it does not use of drugs and all treatment is based on social adaptation of the patient. This approach gives the highest percentage of positive results than treatment traditional ways.