Pregnancy Planning For Men

Fortunately, gone forever are the days when the role of men – the future pope was limited only to the 'insemination' wife, and his father woke up feeling closer to school age children. The modern father is aware that, at least half of the unborn child – it was he, with his health and features that will certainly inherit a child. And it's absolutely not about a kid whose nose or eyes – is much more complicated, and – more interesting. Realizing all this, a lot of young dads together with his beloved wife passed through the path of pregnancy and childbirth. Now there are many programs that prepare couples for the birth parent of the child. At these programmh are increasingly talking about the fact that active participation of the father in the birth process positively influences the strengthening of relations between spouses, and his father's feelings towards the baby. Past together with his wife, pregnancy and childbirth fathers are not afraid to take the baby in her arms, fine understand the 'language' weeping and movements crumbs – in short, in his new family with the addition of feel not guests and hosts.

At the planning stage of pregnancy should also understand that birthing – It is not a woman and a married couple. Active participation in planning the future father of pregnancy is very important for him and for mom, and for the future baby. Begin to be a father, as well as the mother, it is necessary from the beginning – not after birth, not during pregnancy, and from the very moment when the couple decided that they would have the baby. Of course, this mom will cherish and bear it, but after half a contribution to the future heir – a contribution to the pope. and plan is for the child to the moment of conception to be confident in what we have done everything necessary to conceive a healthy and nutritious baby. What is included in the planning of pregnancy for men? The main condition so that the baby was healthy – the body of parents must be ready to conceive. Before you proceed directly to conceive, the body need to check and cure diseases that can interfere with fertility healthy child. But this is not enough.

A few months before conception is necessary to strengthen the body – to take vitamins. Proper nutrition, exercise, elimination of smoking and alcohol – it will become an invaluable gift father of her child. And of course there is a role that no one can cope better – this is the role of a loving wife planning a baby female. That depends on it and its psychological state, and the atmosphere in the family.