In these times let us take what we see or hear continuously in the media and in the talks that are held with friends, at work, etc, as if it were the subject of fashion: poverty, the limitations, which does not reach for anything and situations of that kind. However make us participants, swells a fear and uncertainty to make you believe that you are victim of lack. We are going together to fight poverty poverty is an emotional sense of limitation and deficiency, is to believe that there is enough for everyone, that resources have been exhausted. Each focused differently depending on the situation that lives, may be lack of money, food, work, couple, health, water, gasoline, finally what you see is the predominant sense of lack of something. We all have the ability to think and feel, as well as the free will to choose what we want to believe. It is our decision to let us go by what they say others or take charge of what you really want to live and experience. These circumstances have appeared by mismanagement of thoughts.

I can assure you that more than 51% of the day, somehow you admit you have lack of something and it is not that you talk about it, but for example, when you hear someone say how awful, there is no money to reach, every time we are more poor and your you asientas with head or answer Yes, it is true each time are worse off then are saying; and in your head you are registering as a truth for you, because you’re the master who gives the orders, your bag the slave who expresses this deficiency that you ordenaste. If you administer and direccionas that 51% of everyday thoughts and opinions of abundance and well-being, you will begin to experience the change. For example-when you hear how awful, there is no money to reach, every time we are more poor your correct thinking along with your feeling is I hope that this situation is improving little by little and all will finally leave benefit changes will give you a sense of confidence that everything is going to improve, because there is more than enough of everything for everyone. It is the same procedure for any sense of lack of whatever. Do not let you take the current, taking only the good of others, that serves you, only what you strengthens to advance and grow. Fight poverty is to stay alert of what you’re thinking, talking and feeling moment to moment. And when you discover in error, just stop and corrects, retaking the correct side of life, which is the well my always supply is continuous and improves every day. The abundance of thoughts has no end, only encausalos to the good.