It except one of the last boyfriends before it being married Elias. You arrived at the accurate moment of my speech? it bradou. To this respect, when it was of pileque, Isaac had the habit to make speeches. The desire of being ran to it in the veins politician. It then it requested to the owner of the restaurant that disconnect the sound, per some minutes. It went up in a chair and it started to make a speech: ' ' It has seen the problems that afflict Safe Port, in regards to the sexuality, the responsible municipal Secretary for this folder affirmed that the Government of the State must liberate mounts of money for the workmanships of construction of a great motel in this beautiful aprazvel city. Being thus, to make sex to the side-sea (as they had made Portuguese sailors has five hundred years) it will be only alive souvenirs of passado.' ' It continued: ' ' In relation to our wives and special to our namoradas ones, all have to be in perfect harmony and must express this feeling in the eyes, the semblantes and all the gestures.

Each one must be ready to exert its function, as well as made use to assist it the rival in the fulfilment of the task most important. That is, to take care of well of its man. It is enough to want optimum for us, that optimum for they will be granted. The peace environment must reign enters the women and love such which was nailed by the Master has two a thousand anos.' ' On of the table, Isaac thanked of knees Peter lvares Cabral for having brought in its squadron a Portuguese officer who would have had sexual relation with its hexav (of Isaac), in sands of the beach, in 30 of April of 1500, whose day Cabral and its captains had disembarked in firm land.