If history is an indication tion in contact with the patient, the recognition is much easier. When there are attacks of whooping cough, pertussis is easier to recognize. Rick Ross recognizes the significance of this. It should be can be used in complement fixation. We propose a specific antigen bacterial cultures Bordet – Zhang for the production of allergic th sample in the first days of catarrhal period. For the purpose of laboratory diagnosis of pertussis bacteria is used in the Petri dishes with a special agar ("cough plate"). Additional information is available at John Amos. To do this, at a distance of 5-6 cm from the mouth of the patient is placed open (immediately before the date of sowing) petri dish, containing carbon-casein agar, minute droplets of mucus, flying from his mouth and sticks containing Bordet – Zhang, deposited on the agar surface, causing the growth of the pathogen. Laboratory analysis provides an answer through 3-4 days. When the bacteria isolated from patients parakoklyusha be typed and determine their antigenic structure.

Differential diagnosis. In the catarrhal stage to carry out a differential diagnosis with diffuse bronchitis, whooping cough, which differs from the less drastic events of conjunctivitis and rhinitis, the presence of cough mostly at night, high leukocytosis and lymphocytosis in the blood in the presence of elevated urine specific gravity. Should be taken into account the results of drilling on the "cough plate" and put the skin test. Treatment. In the catarrhal period being treated levomitsetinom, biomitsin, tetracycline, terramycin. Dosage biomitsin or tetracycline – 25 000 IU per day for 1 kg of weight, the duration of the therapeutic course – from 6 to 12 days.

For a similar scheme is used terramycin. Must be a maximum stay of the patient on the air, good patient and his isolation from healthy children, the organization of nurseries and kindergartens three groups: a) for the patients, b) for those suffering from bronchitis, and c) for healthy children, translated into quarantine (within 30 days from the occurrence of convulsive cough in the index case in this group of children). In identifying patients parakoklyushem control measures are carried out in the same way as in whooping cough. Healthy children aged 1 year who were in contact with the patient Pertussis immunization of monovalent three-fold to 1 ml with an interval of 10 days. There are indications on the feasibility of chemoprophylaxis among children aged 1 to 8 years in nurseries and kindergartens by appointment occurrence of seizures whooping cough. Patients with pertussis and parakoklyushem isolated separately. Currently, researchers developed methods for active immunization against pertussis by vaccination specifically immunity