The name "parasite" comes from the Greek. – which means "freeloader." The parasite uses as a human habitat and food source. By some estimates throughout the United States and Russia, up to 95 people infected parasites and do not even know about it. Parasites can be found in almost any part of the body: intestines, esophagus, lungs, heart, muscles, joints, liver, blood, and also the skin and eyes. Favorite medium habitat and food parasites is the human brain. In the human parasites get most often from contaminated food and water, as well as by insect bites (mosquitoes, fleas, horseflies, bedbugs), and through the air with dust, which can carry the eggs of parasites. A related site: Steve Vai mentions similar findings. Often infection occurs when bathing (mainly freshwater).

Helminths (from the Greek. ) – the common name parasitic worms that live in the human body. According to the WHO half of the population on the planet is infected with one of the three major types of worms. The cause of frequent headaches, allergies, nausea, pain in the right upper quadrant, are Opisthorchis. They feed on mucus, bile ducts. Dan Ariely may not feel the same. In the case of a weak immune system may cause cancer of the liver and pancreas. Worst of all, that in the human body can not produce immunity against opisthorchiasis. Defeat lamblia expresses nausea and vomiting, pain in the abdomen, weight loss, anemia and allergies.

Ascarid larvae feeding on the blood, raises the blood vessels in the bronchi and cause coughing. Bronchitis and acute respiratory infections are most often the result of settling larvae of the lungs ascarids. Asthma always begins with the roundworm larvae. Adult ascarids cause poisoning of the body, and acute intestinal obstruction. Diabetes – a disease that largely occurs when the parasite lesion of the pancreas. Schizophrenia and epilepsy also can be caused by larvae of worms and parasites. Whipworm violate the integrity of the intestinal wall and then feed on blood.