Offshore Service Make Business Sense

The firm AT Kearney, a consulting firm that presents the Global Index of Location Based Services which gives it a ranking of the top 50 countries worldwide for outsourced services, last May 18, 2009 more results his recent GLSI. The scores obtained from each country are composed of a combination of 43 scores are grouped into three categories: financial attractiveness, skills and availability of human resources and business environment. The top three countries with the highest score GLSI remain India, China and Malaysia in all the results obtained by the company. The “offshoring” or “outsourcing” international has increased even more markedly in Europe than in North American counterparts. Although the results presented indicate a healthy growth in the sector of “offshoring”, like all other sectors, has been beaten by the economic crisis and has concluded that the growth of offshoring has been encouraged. What impact so Direct to Mexico and the U.S. northern neighbor reduces the number of requests for “outsourcing.” Still, both Latin America and the Caribbean continue to benefit from its proximity to the main consumer of this market, the United States of America.

Of these countries only Chile is above Mexico with a ranking of 8 in the world and Mexico with the score 11. Although Mexico went down one point from the score at the national level, this is still the second best choice in outsourcing of information technology in Latin America and the Caribbean, is expected to grow by 25% annually in such services worldwide which would boost the economy of the country. Mexico is being watched with increasing interest in American companies as a complement to its operations in India although the latter still leads the market. Although it may seem bad, the peso devaluation has caused Mexico keep the score even as companies are being cautious about security it represents. All this because of the proximity and accessibility of Mexico with the U.S. is an advantage to the world that is given only territorial positioning. Also the development of English language skills on the part of Mexico represents a significant competitive advantage coupled with the need to serve the growing U.S. Hispanic market with that count. With all the competitive advantages that Mexico, is expected to increase its market for “offshoring” although the economic crisis has not allowed this step.