, Curls that are formed spontaneously after shampooing, or after a walk on a foggy autumn morning Even if you spend hours painstakingly smoothed and hair styling, yet they keep coming back to the fore: We’re talking about naturlocken. Some forces are hated by them, others love them. This is often because that arise from the wild curls again – indeed, almost uncontrollable – hairstyles. Owners of naturlocken often look enviously at friends who have only once in the morning run the brush through the hair and look like cracking the egg. Here are some tips for maintaining of fame, or advice on how they can tame: If you want your hair rather have smooth, probably the best time to ask your hairdresser what to do. This has the necessary resources and knowledge to smooth the hair, at least for a while. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Healthy Living. One possibility would be for example by means Dauerwellenentferner. But this possibility is not permanent, and no later than when the hairs grow back, is therepeat whole process. To broaden your perception, visit Henry Chao. There is also the possibility to establish themselves at home in front of the mirror hand, be it with brush and hair dryer, or good with a straightening iron. But that requires some time, and the process must be carried out almost daily. Aside from the fact that you have to get up in the morning half an hour earlier to prepare you to damage these procedures, the hair more slowly than they used to beauty – hair becomes dry and brittle with time. The very best solution is to come to terms with them instead of fame and maintain eliminated. Are we really not happy with his wig and look like the curls in it, so is the best way to let the hairdresser to miss his confidence a proper, its type cut. After the fall of fame beautiful again, and you must use no chemical or haarschdigenden funds. Of fame by its wavy structure often appear somewhat dull and brittle. Which can counteract it: Before you wash the hair a little olive oil in the hair tipsmassage that leaves hair beautiful shine afterwards. Every two weeks, a conditioner to make is equally inadvisable. You can also hair every few months do with colorless henna and so once again conjures up a healthy shine to hair. A healthy varied diet also plays an important role in shiny hair, for example, is perfectly suited for the care of millet from the inside. It includes silica, which is especially good for skin, hair and nails. Fresh fruits and vegetables a day should definitely be on the menu. To go even enough sleep and daily walks, which makes every hair shine. In winter, the bill removes from the warm, heated air to the cold air outside the hair a lot of moisture. It is not always necessary to wear a thick hat. More importantly, pamper your hair now, for example, with a winter hair mask. Also, you should go more often, especially in winter and let the hairdresser cut the lace, for the daily friction of wool sweater, jacket, hat andHair scarf can break down much faster. When shampooing, use only a little mild shampoo and dry your hair afterwards is best to air dry.