Miguel House

It was a full great house of windows, house of esquina of street, in my native land. In front it had a square with well thick beach full sand seedbeds where I liked to thread the feet, rockings and some other infantile amusements. It also had a church with two towers, and in the square livened up parties happened very, quermesses with barraquinhas illuminated where it had drawings, you arrest, you would fish, shot to the target, fogos and other diversions that started to the afternoon. But in front of our house they passed the heaviest yellow perhaps trams spotted and black color, therefore they were called ' ' danger amarelo' '. For the time, saint Deus, that street was considered very dangerous and the children were forbidden to cross it without being folloied for somebody responsible thing. I would adore to live playing in that small square, but the times had been very few had taken that me there and the reason was always the same one; it was a dangerous passage for children.

Then I was hung next to a window of the room, to pull colloquy with who he passed in the sidewalk or with who he was stopped waiting the tram, in front of our house. Only that ' ' seu' ' Miguel, my father, very austere man and ranzinza, did not like this my amusement, alleging that she was not of good tone a girl if to accustom thus, leaned to the window of the street pulling subject with strangers, speaking with who did not know. to such window, for order of it started to be always closed. My small brothers still were very I, with only four or five years, not yet were in the school, even because at that time the pertaining to school age started for return of the eight, nine years.