Therefore, the excess is not burned, are not processed in energy, and go straight "in reserve". In places, all very familiar. There is a need when there is a feeling of physiological hunger. Sometimes hunger is confused with lust (see Issue 2 – "Hunger and thirst "). only exception – breakfast. He just needs to be. A full, balanced, from fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

That's breakfast starts the metabolism for the day (see Issue 8 – Breakfast and its role in the weight-loss "). And his can not replace a cup of coffee. Even if you do not want to eat and you are sure that you have enough caffeine the morning before lunch. Because caffeine (which is in coffee, tea, and many other drinks) just happens to blame starvation metabolism. Nobody calls to give up caffeine altogether (who would then all go in the morning to work? "), You just have to drink coffee before and during the meal. And, of course, not to replace it to them.

Second. You can not starve, but also to overeat not necessary, because it complicates the normal digestion of food and excess food goes directly into the fat "granary". One should not abandon any one type of product. Nutritionists knowingly insist on mandatory presence in our diet, and fats, and proteins and carbohydrates. Their imbalance leads to a slowing metabolism, and even if there is only "diet" products, you can easily gain weight. Without enough fat and full of protein organism is in starvation mode, and we know what this means.