Massage the damaged skin can not be! You also can not use harsh or vibrating motion massages the breast, stomach or kidney area. Do massage can and should be not only arms but also other body parts – shoulders, breast, stomach, etc. Do not immediately choose the intensive rhythm: gentle movements to gradually replace more powerful and faster. That the partner is not frozen, can be covered with a sheet or towel those body parts that are currently currently not massaged. Erogenous zones The figure shows the most 'hot' of the human body. Still in development intricacies of erotic massage is important not so much a theory as the ability to listen to a partner, be careful and monitor the reaction during the caress. Do not be afraid to ask, or ask to talk about their feelings – as a rule, it raises even more. In men, erogenous zones are somewhat different than in women.

Pay attention to your back, shoulders, thighs, feet. Particularly sensitive areas – where the hair begins, as well as the skin around the nipples, the inner side of the forearm, buttocks, popliteal depression, back side of the thighs, palms and especially the area between the toes. All these places are instantly responsive to the touch of hands, tongue, or long hair. Thai erotic body massage. The peculiarity of this kind of massage is that when it performance is not worked out the local area, and the whole body as a whole – from the toes to the crown of the head.