Low Self Esteem

As I promised in the previous article I would give you the best advice on how to overcome your low self esteem and you can apply it in your day to day.In the previous article talk about low self-esteem in women, of how we are seen in this male-dominated society. In addition as they influence the media, family, friends, work on your low self-esteem. I hope you have resolved the questions you got in the previous article, to be able to identify that you are influencing your low self-esteem.Since this will be the first step and very important to leave behind the labels and have a better life and leave behind the low self-esteem. If you have already resolved the questions, I congratulate you, now we are going to know how, with simple tips you will be able to leave behind the low self-esteem: 1. learn to accept yourself and escape from wanting to resemble you that extreme thinness prototypes that show us the media.These prototypes are not realistic but are influencing your low self-esteem.What you need is stabilize yourself emotionally, accept yourself as you are and love you as-is. But you do not confuse that accept you is you refuse to change. If you need to take a balanced diet to improve your health and have a healthy weight takes action by you, not by what others say.Do not pretend to get goal lose ten kilos front, lower them slowly, Ponte realistic and achievable goals. For example you can do the following: tell you to lose a kilo per month, that will be easier to think about lowering the ten kilos of flip, that discouraged you because you believe it is almost impossible.Everything you do by your body do it for you and for you. 2. Don’t let that they abuse it, you are an important person.Leaves behind those labels imposed by society, family and culture about what it means to be women.Respect you as the most precious of this life, starts to treat you as the sacred being who you are.