It is therefore recommended to be careful with the design of a bedroom in green tones. So you can draw a bedroom located on the east, south-east, south and north. Param ideally be in the interior of a bedroom red tones as the color red – the color of fire, passion, love. But not all of the color red is favorable, so defining, for a favorable elements can begin to redesign bedrooms. Bedrooms are located in the south, east, northeast, northwest and southwest, can be decorated in colors of fire. For couples it is very important to have a bed with a mattress, the bed should not have divisions, there should be two mattress and you can not just put two beds together.

Since the division of the bed of love promises a rift in the relationship and break these relationships. It is important not to have in the bedroom mirror, mirrors are used in magic, the doors to the world different, and it is not casual, mirrors possess the qualities which we in everyday life do not notice, there are ceremonies by which mirrors magicians derive their desired objects or qualities "with a party." The sleeping person is vulnerable, and if he reflected in the mirror, then the possibility of breaking energy increases. In addition, if the sleeping couple is reflected in a mirror, then it symbolizes a crowded marriage, which leads to a third person in the relationship. The bed is not should stand between the window and door, otherwise the energy of sleeping people will be violated rapid energy going from door to window, and vice versa. That can lead to disease, or rupture of relations. Also, the bed in the bedroom is not should be so that people sleep or a couple of feet facing the door.

At the present time it became fashionable to build a second floor that houses with sloping ceilings that terribly inconvenient and very badly for the people living in such rooms. Sloping ceilings create a feeling of depression and may cause disease. In order not to suffer the adverse impact of skewed ceiling must be placed in the room the bed so that she was not under sloping part. In addition to a bedroom in the issue of color of fire and keep the room well lit continuously, it will help reduce the feeling of depression. It is especially bad if the kids are sleeping in an inclined wall of the head, then do not wonder if they have bad grades in school. If the bed the feet of the sloping wall, you can make a problem with the limbs. Therefore, the ideal room is a room of regular shape, especially for the bedroom, so as in the bedroom, we spend a lot of time.