Like Handling Learn

Eye, because inclusively, if you do not know comunicarte of effective way, you run riezgo that until 75% of that 25% either does not understand to you, that is very important. Dejame I explain to you as they are those 4 TYPES OF LEARNING: 1. – The FIRST type of learning of the people is the one that QUESTION BECAUSE: Because I want To learn? , because I must learn that? , it is important that when we write our articles, that is the first answer that we must respond. For example, One of the courses that Daniel I teach myself in its millionaire course of house is ” Like Handling my Tiempo” , here this the question Because it teaches that to Me? And Because tendria I the interest in learning to handle the time in a business by Internet? , The reasons that gave and I them entiendia me I was that to be able to be successful in a business based on the home by Internet habria that to learn to create work routines, aprendi that as human we are like machines that we created routines and we must learn to leave those routines, creating new habits, when creating new habits all our work sera but efeciente and easy, but the difficult thing of this is that our mind does not leave us to create new habits because of the old woman routines that we have there ingrained. Explica a Concept of which is like a Curve or a learning hill, in donates taking 30 days to create new habits, if your you do not take in the administration from your time those 30 days to create new routines, hardly you are going to be the awaited successful.