Liberalism Politician

And it returns one a to insist: Perhaps today it has risen to me with the left foot. And I say more to you: I know what exists political ace honest ace in our Spanish geography: I do not put it in doubt, it would lack more! But I continue saying: I know that democracy-like government form less bad-it must be directed by politicians, but prefer that these last ones are honest and honest. I know what that stops to accept our incipient democracy born in 1978, and we know all, was necessary to admit it the establishment of 17 autonomies and two independent cities (Ceuta and Melilla), which have turned out to be, speaking, economically ominous for Spain and its citizens. How expensive some are leaving us! We have 17 virreyes in the Iberian Peninsula. I have to indicate that present Capitalism does not convince to me. It has given samples evident to be in declivity, in free fall and, not indeed, because the free market law of the supply and I demand does not work, she is bad in himself, but because Capitalism has become tremendously voracious the great fortunes that represent the multinationals, work like voracious birds of prey: everything for them and nothing for the others. The businessmen have committed and are committing all the series of abuses, had and by having, as far as the precarious hiring of the employees (to return to the trasnochado Comunism), because nobody is safe in its job.

However, our majority unions CC.OO. and the UGT, their Secretary Generals, gentlemen Hidalgo and Mndez, are in the rear, with unemployment giant shark that ties down to us strongly. To one it seems him, and I speak of Spain, that would not be bad that arose in our dear Spanish Nation a political party from liberal shade, that served encarrilar once and for all, our incipient democracy, that has gone by a bipartisanism the PSOE and the PP, that skinny favor is doing to him to the Spanish democracy. If I create, and I have always believed, in Liberalism Politician who seeds of firm and true ideals the minds of our youth, that is the future the morning. If I create, and I have always believed, in the political liberalism that foments the economic activity in all forms. If I create, and I have always believed, in the political liberalism that defends to " familia" like level superior of the associative life: marriage man woman, sentimental contract unions man man, sentimental contract unions sentimental woman woman, pairs In all this I create much more and. The concept of having and love must superlive in all the human relations.

Corunna (Spain), 24 of April of 2011 Copyright Mariano Goatherd is Google/writer Titular Images. – " () So that a business works is necessary to generate confidence. It is precise to pay to the employees well, to treat them as if they were relatives. In this way they will feel like members of a great family, will die of fatigue provided of which your gains are ptimas" " It knew everybody it and little or nothing was made on the matter: It does not have more than to go and to hope. To wait for and to see when the politicians leave those luxurious buildings where the Spanish autonomies are based (in number of seventeen, that exist in ours Spain pobre")" The author Doing history Original author and source of the article.