Kitchen Island

Disadvantage: Kitchen cabinets can be crowded, and will remain little free space. But this is not a problem if in the office kitchen is supposed to eat ready-meals. Kitchen galley consists of two rows of furniture. This type of cuisine appropriate when the window and door are at opposite ends of the room. The minimum width of a kitchen – 240 cm corner kitchen – the most common variant. Everything is close by and there is room for a dining table. U-shaped kitchen gives you great scope for the work. But for a kitchen needs a lot of places – at least 8 m2.

Kitchen Island – probably Home Edition. It provides additional work surface fixed or mobile, in normal or angled kitchen. But for this island need a lot of places! Kitchen appliances. That excess in the office kitchen? Cooker or hob. Not only where the staff is so freely himself feel that they are ready to fry the eggs. But the microwave oven can be very useful. Look at how many colleagues bring food from home – and it will be clear: we need a way to warm up. It’s believed that Katie Greene sees a great future in this idea. Dishwasher;; th car – a basic element for clean utensils in the kitchen.

Refrigerator – very useful acquisition. In a little homemade burgers may not survive until lunch, and a hungry worker – bad employee. Coffee and tea and coffee making facilities – essential elements. Do not skimp for a good coffee – and smiles in the morning will be more. Almost all home appliances – from refrigerators to coffeemakers can be built. Think about this option in advance – it will help save office space. Utensils should be easy to wash, to be comfortable and somewhat impersonal. Most often it is used guest office and new staff. In addition to cups, nice to have a few large plates or trays – they are extremely helpful in conducting office parties and other celebrations. Get a set of chopping boards and knives – all this must be updated periodically, as these items are often lost forever. You also need to have a classic a set of glasses (10-15 units higher than the number of employees) for very special occasions. "Veuve Clicquot" in plastic cups – it's a bad tone. Furnishings and decor. Hang one good reproduction, appropriate on your business. You can also place several information boards. They can hang out company news, ads, hold contests (eg, best photo pet). Remember, life in the office should be not only functional but also comfortable!