Jose Maria Atienzar

Poor health overlaps with poverty. The WHO report warns that inequalities are growing. It is necessary to achieve a fairer distribution of resources. In 1980, the richest countries had a gross national income 60 times that of the poorest countries. Currently, the difference has multiplied by 122. Wealth alone does not determine health. There are low-income countries such as Cuba or Costa Rica, which have achieved levels of good health. In countries with economies in transition are concerned about the exorbitant increase in obesity.

To reverse this trend should be taken into account other sectors such as trade, agriculture, employment and education. Inequalities in more affluent areas also have an impact on health. Having a low income means having less access to education and leisure, to suffer unemployment, job insecurity, poorer working conditions and live in less safe neighborhoods. Poverty, occupational hazards and the presence of certain industries make in the Spanish southwest, the figures are worse health than the rest of Spain. The differences can also be found locally, between neighborhoods of the same city. The labor situation is one of the best studied social factors.

It is known that workers with lower income, job insecurity have poorer health. The least suffer higher incidence qualified pathologies such as cervical pain, lumbar and migraines. One in four workers have a contract with low preparation time, and about 8% did not even have a contract. No wonder that 12% suffer psychological problems because of uncertainty and lack of control stress levels occur that jeopardize mental health. It has also been found that the most disadvantaged women suffer higher rates of overweight, because the lack of resources and time is usually translated into a worse diet. Also, less than 20% of women with low income you exercise during leisure time, compared to 40% among the upper classes. A comprehensive new approach to health. Few problems are genetic or biological one, incorporate social processes to human biology. Thinking about health is also seeking the causes of ill people. Journalist Jose Maria Atienzar