Jackson Hospital

Are not hospitals or emergency rooms or guard corps (as it is called) are hospitals, clinics or private consultations prepared and certified by the State to serve as Center of emergency Medicas.CUAL is the importance of visit a URGENT CARE or center of urgency and not visit a HOSPITAL, if the symptoms are less severe? Does the reason is clear: that you do with a sore throat, of stomach or flu for example, in a Hospital emergency room? Simple. Spend money and increase the costs of hospitals.When you visit a hospital with a less serious health situation your health insurance and the cost to you is 10 times more than if visited an emergency medical center. But you also think that the hospital get benefited. Not always. Take as an example the Jackson Hospital in Miami and the deplorable situation of its budget; precisely because of the amount of people who have no medical insurance and Hospital the blanket and the amount of people that does not have a real Emergency medical but an emergency medical and filled with emergency rooms, without extreme necessity apparent.This does not mean under any circumstances, that if you have a real surprise situation where her life threatened, because the symptoms are serious fence to an urgent Center.!NO! In that case if you should go as soon as possible to a Hospital and its medical emergency room; It is the only place prepared for this type of symptoms of eminent and serious character.

If for example submit you a fainting, vomiting severe, continuous bleeding, coughing or vomiting blood, which has difficulty breathing or pain in the chest or elsewhere in a strong manner; should go immediately to an emergency room of a hospital unexpanded it, because your life can be in danger.The essence of all this refers to think it a little more when presenting in an emergency room medical hospital and if possible and if their condition is less serious an emergency or urgent Care Center visit. I repeat the monetary difference is abysmal. Adalberto the following article does not attempt to determine or decide what you should do when you present an unforeseen situation of health. Only you and the healthcare provider: A doctor can determine your status and decide the right thing in your case. We even suggest what you should do. So do not take this written as an extremely successful Council. If we narrated him what directly we know by experience in this industry and from the approach of health insurance sales and costs in general.