One of the forms to be able to have income in Internet is by means of blog or gratuitous or in an own servant, an enormous amount of blogs among them exists are blogs related to the kitchen, the business, to the sport, joinery, home and garden and until blog that to some uses it people like personal newspaper in which they count everything what to past in his lives installing images, videos and others. But the majority of the people does not know as to mint his blog blog has his but they do not remove benefit to him and esque blogs estan full of an enormous potential, if you cannot have blog with own servant one of but used and that they are gratuitous are those of and you can registrarte and remove a gratuitous account and begin here to write in your blog. When creating the account you must put the name of your blog than you are going to write by a long time can be of kitchen etc. in which you feel safe so that you write several articles. Now you pedira a URL for your site where pondras the related thing to your niche which you are going to write for example: and this so that the motors search of google or any motor of search indexes to you and you are found fast much more but it always remembers is necessary to have in your blog contained of value so that you are indexed. Later it is necessary to select a subject that you like but in blogger only there are a few subjects and that they are the basic one, but you can find other subjects gratuitous and that they are but professional in the network and that in another occasion will speak of how improving your blog with a professional subject, good once you already installed the subject the following step she is to begin to write than you like of your niche in which you feel safe to write much information and content of value.