Interior Veterans

Forever remain in the memory of our comrades who died on duty, who lost for the sake of present and future of the most precious – their own lives. Kowtow veterans of Interior, who are making a contribution to the education of young employees and generously share their professional knowledge and rich experience. We believe that further law enforcement officers will be with honor to uphold their difficult service, to ensure peace and order in _VSTAVIT_TREBUEMOE_ area. Good luck and success in the right case, all good health and prosperity. Dear members and veterans of the Interior! On behalf of _VSTAVIT_TREBUEMOE_ congratulate you on your professional holiday – Day of the police! The bodies of internal affairs were and remain in our country the most important institutions of state, ensuring the rule of law, security of person and society.

Established after the 1917 revolution to defend law and order, the young republic, the police still remains in demand in full. These are the realities, but from a man in uniform still depends largely on the social, political and economic life, calmness and confidence of the people. This and the protection of public order in the streets, and travel to the North Caucasus, uncompromising war with the professional world, the struggle for the purity of their own ranks. On account of veterans and active law enforcement officers of our city in all these areas a lot of achievements, evidence of courage and heroism, great professional skill, devotion to duty. I congratulate the police of the city, servicemen of internal troops, _VSTAVIT_TREBUEMOE_, veterans of the Interior on the occasion, I wish all health, success and good luck in the difficult but noble work.