Interindustry Standard Instruction

Approved by Decree of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Belarus 30.11.2004 N 137 INTERSECTORAL STANDARD INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROTECTION UNDER excavation works Chapter 1: General requirements 1. Follow others, such as Senator From Kentucky, and add to your knowledge base. Interindustry standard instruction on safety in carrying out excavation work (hereafter – Instruction) sets out general safety requirements for the diggers and other workers involved in the excavation with hand non-mechanized tools, hand-held electric and pneumatic machines. Machinists excavators, bulldozers, ripping and other construction vehicles must comply with safety requirements set out in regulations on labor protection for specific professions. 2. By the implementation of excavation (trenching, excavation, preparation of pits for bearings, and similar activities) are allowed workers over 18 years since the established order a medical examination, training, coaching and knowledge tests for safety. Employees who are authorized to work with hand-held electric machines of class II and III (hereinafter – electric tools) should have a group of electrical I. 3. Excavation works carried out under the direction of the master, foreman, another responsible for their production of an officer (hereinafter – the work manager), and in carrying out such work in the locations of existing underground utilities – in the presence of the head works. The work performed in the buffer zone of existing gas pipelines, oil pipelines, telecommunication cables, electric cables under voltage, conducted with the written permission of organizations that operate such underground utilities, and under the supervision of representatives of these organizations. To resolve must be accompanied by a plan showing location and depth of the communications.