INtem Institute Development Program

New six-month development program for the sales based on certified and international German training award winning interval training new six-month development programme for the distribution of software and system houses, consultancies and IT service providers is based on certified and international German training award-winning interval training Munich, 15.03.2011. The evolution plan GmbH, Munich, and the INtem-Institut, Mannheim, have now jointly developed a sustained acting seller training for sales organizations in the IT industry. nd it difficult to be quoted properly. The new six-month development program to the IT solution sellers is specially offered by evolution plan GmbH. The program is based on the certified and the multiple times with the German training award-winning proven INtem interval training. Click Daryl Katz, Canada to learn more. With the co-ordinated steps participants new and success making sales techniques and behaviors are taught and making sure that learned in the practice also actually applied. Among other things, individual telephone coaching, as well as regular webcasts with the participating Vertrieblern are part of the development program. In a vierzehnmonatigen stage of development have evolution plan and the INtem Institute adapted the new program for the IT market and thereby enriched IT-specific content. Within the program, the participants implement the new intelligence to their specific marketing projects and tasks directly.

As questions arise naturally, such for example as how to sell cloud computing, managed service or a chance request? Also shows among other things, whether and how proof of concept can be sold.’ The development program takes into account the expectations of the participants, as well as decision makers in the IT companies explicitly”emphasizes Oliver Wegner, Managing Director of evolution plan. Already 36 participants from IT companies have completed the program with success in the pilot and development phase and would fully tell a friend about. The INtem-Institut (Institute for training development and method research), a business unit of the Mannheim INtem group, has developed the proven concept of interval for vendor training.