If you thought that the good or bad thermal or acoustic insulation of a house depends only on Windows and walls, you are very wrong. And it is that although sometimes does not pay them the attention they deserve, blinds are a fundamental part in housing not only to darken and protect, but also to isolate outside noise as well as keep the House cool in summer and warm in winter. For this reason, experts stress the importance of installing a few good blinds in our House, something which, in addition to creating wellbeing in our home can help us to save energy and money in the invoice of the heating and air conditioning. Some poorly designed, blinds can be source of problems, both mechanical, and thermal and acoustic insulation. Although each brand has their own systems, there is one quite novel based on the concept Rolapuls. In reality, this system does is integrate the three basic functions of the window. On the one hand, hides the window, on the other it takes protection mosquito which is rolled up. To finish, insulation is performed through a piece of styrofoam.

Many brands also have colors to choose which best suits our style or our House. Another option are the slats as a complement for Windows. This allows is a very significant savings. Up to 30% can get to save when they are down around 12 hours a day. Finally, you can also choose our blinds PVC profiles. Apparently, give a very good result with respect to duration in time and quality of the material. So you know if you’re thinking of a way to save already, you can devote you to blinds, a vanishing point of heat and entry of noise that I could be very expensive for family economies.