Important Aspects

Temperature limits-before choosing an indoor plant, to study their seasonal needs of heat and light.A diurnal temperature constant, slightly higher than 20 degrees centigrade, is ideal. Avoid too low nighttime temperatures. They can be harmful for your plants (below 12 degrees Celsius). Invernada.-some (oleanders, lemon trees, cactus) plants Hibernate and have to go through this period in a cool and dry place.The temperature can drop to 5 degrees Celsius at least. You have to water them very little. The wintering favours the following flowering. Brightness-is thanks to the light that the plant can transform the nutritional elements necessary for its growth. Needs vary from one species to another, but the minimum required is 500 lux per day.

Light is four times less intense than just 2 metres from the window. Artificial light.-If natural lighting is inadequate, recourse to artificial light.Avoid filament lamps, which look 5 times less than a 40 TL tube Cold white w. Special bulbs contain a discharge lamp or a mixed light lamp. Distance-so that your plants are well lit must be placed underneath the light source: generally suffice him 2 40W tubes suspended from a distance so that the height of the lamps follow the growth of plants, changing position to each other.