At the award ceremony, the frozen food specialist reached a good 15th place at the awards ceremony with Germany interlang offer frozen specialties reached the frozen food specialist with Germany’s interlang offer frozen specialties a good 15th / active and extensive customer service stood Mettmann especially, the 19.03.2012 eismann was Germany’s most customer-oriented service provider at the competition”a good 15th place and for this was awarded at a ceremony at the RheinEnergie Stadium in Cologne. The competition is performed annually Gallen St. Since 2006 by the agency specialising in quality of service ServiceRating in collaboration with the trade journal and the University. In the Centre of the rankings were extensive interviews with eismann customers and the management to quality of service and the service structures in Ecstasy. On this basis the customer orientation in the participating companies was modeled on 7-K-“the University St. Gallen evaluated. Learn more about this with Center for Environmental Health. This model includes seven Criteria that mesh together and work together as a whole: customer orientation, competence of contact, continuous control of consulting and service quality, consistent services for all customers, open communication with customers and business partners, enhanced services through partners and sustainable alignment of customer care and customer-friendliness. Particularly positive the intensive contact between the companies was highlighted with eismann represented above all by the Eismanner, and the customer.

The regular visit of Eismanner and support through a variety of interactive media, including via the Internet shop, can build a fast communication between the customer and the company. For more information about the Germany’s 2012 customer-focused service providers “can be found online at. About eismann: The Mettmann-based home service for frozen food specialties serves customers in all Germany since 1974. From about 220 Distribution stations supplied by now about 2 million households in nine European countries. Eismann about 1300 independent sales representatives and more than 800 employees serve over 4500 employees and partners in Europe, in Germany. Iceman offers pleasure without compromising, easy and comfortable home in a quality that is reliable.