Hyperactivity Disease

What have you heard about behavioral problems? "Hyperactivity? "Attention Deficit? Have you ever worried that something in your child's behavior does not seem right? Do you think it might not just be a disobedient child, whimsical?. Some common characteristics or hyperactive children attention deficit Aprosexia: distraction to the medium in which it operates. Status of ongoing concern, moving hands and feet, is anxious. continuous motor activity that is "not standing still." Disobedient extreme, does not obey orders, want to walk at your leisure. Attitude inadequate and sometimes aggressive with whom he comes in contact. Learning difficulties, slowness of comprehension. They eat poorly, loss of appetite, taste for sweetness, sleep poorly, they move much, is homeless.

There may be enuresis (bed-wetting) Pay attention to these features: Attention deficit = brain with diminished capacity Restlessness = low oxygenation of body, motion compensation. Disobedience = no-more rapid uptake of Order Aggressiveness = fear of something that does not understand, uncontrolled reflections. Slow comprehension = low cerebral oxygenation, as sleepy. Difficulty learning something: low cerebral oxygenation appetite = breathe through their mouth, dry mucous Trend nudity = "need to breathe through the skin because it can not for the nasal route optimally. No shoes = foot support without development, a trend of flat feet. Sleep uncovered = to oxygenate the skin, remain on clothing of choice. = Tend to have enuresis Enuresis and lack of bowel control in general. Polydipsia = drink lots of water due to mouth breathing.