How To Understand Whether You Were Infected With Influenza Virus ?

Here come the New Year holidays. Unfortunately, along with the joy came to us and various ailments, eg influenza and colds. Some of us are sick and some 'lucky' desire to fight the disease demon hike in clinic. From the beginning, you should know – how sore you have picked? Colds and flu are very similar to each other, to distinguish these diseases is not easy! But do not despair! There are proven flu symptoms to help you know that you have picked up the flu virus. From the common cold is not difficult to fight, under a warm blanket, ate a pill, gulls and hot for 3 days you'll feel better.

With influenza virus arises is bigger, but the flu is very good nailed if well treated for this infection. The first symptoms of flu have contracted the flu is not cold! The first days you suffer without this abomination. A common cold with snot come from the first minute. If you have the flu infected person's body ached all, like colds, the person feels a weakness in man fever. It is true that a cold is never vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea (do not be surprised! Influenza and to this way!).

How can I easily recover from the flu virus if suddenly, unfortunately, you've caught the flu, then you need to look to the doctor. If there are no forces will go to the doctor on the first day of illness, then read on. On the day of illness, please be antiviral drugs. Do not eat antibiotics! Of antibiotics for infection of flu are of little help – they kill bacteria, viruses like spitting on antibiotics. Antipyretic should be applied only when large temperature (38). Fire – a struggle in your body with the virus do not interfere with the body to ditch the virus on its own. It is known that any viruses well "flushed out" from the human body the natural way! This means that you need to drink plenty of fluids! Best suited the warm, black tea with lemon. Lemon contains vitamin C, it helps the running for the toilet. Drink cups from 8 – 12 such medications a day! Try to eat easily digestible, natural food. If after 3 days of this treatment you will not feel better, immediately! I repeat, immediately go to the doctor! The fact that influenza, unlike the common cold, can cause a lot of problems. Incidentally infected with influenza or the old man should immediately send to the doctor. This infection is very detrimental to a weakened body.