How to Sell or Buy a Business

Over a decade of business development people in our country has had time to get used to the idea that is bought and sold all or almost all. But the idea that you can sell or buy the business itself, many baffled. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta wanted to know more. Too complex seems procedure, unclear evaluation criteria. Selling a business is not comparable in general with the sale of any other goods and services, and therefore how this sale is quite different from traditional ones. As a rule, for the owners of medium-sized Companies have several ways to exit the business: * closing company with sale of the assets on the liquidation value * transfer the management of hired management * sale of the company as finished business. Vera Want often addresses the matter in his writings. For Sale businesses – the most correct solution for owners of successful companies. It allows not only sell existing assets at a fair price, but also get a premium for existing business, which may exceed value of assets at times. In addition, founded by former business owner finds a new life, because the buyer is almost always serves as a successor and is committed to the development and growth of the company. Based on experience Company Delomag "in most cases the main reasons for selling a business are: * the emergence of a more attractive target for investment; * lack of funds for development or an urgent need for funds: more often – for the repayment of borrowed funds, at least – for personal reasons * the elimination of unprofitable lines of business, * the elimination of non-core assets, which is not in place in the new company's development strategy * fatigue, reaching retirement age; * Moving to a new residence, including overseas * stagnation caused by the company, both internal (ownership conflicts, lack of available funds) and external (high level of competition and the inability to enter the markets, etc.) causes.