How To Care For Contact Lenses

We can say that the invention of contact lenses has revolutionized the world of vision correction. But that contact lenses do not cause complications for eye health, you must comply with certain conditions. Contact lenses are made of materials possessing the ability to absorb water. And with the water in the lens get different substances. Therefore urgently needed regular and thorough care for contact lenses, daily cleaning and disinfection. Immediately after removing the lens to put a few drops of a solution for the daily care and little finger to wipe the surface of contact lenses on both sides, and then washed with the solution put into a special container for storing and fill cells with a solution. Solution in the container should be changed regularly, according to the instructions. Contact lens extended wear at least once a week should be cleaned with enzymatic cleaners, to remove protein deposits.

To this end, after a preliminary daily cleaning, the lenses are left in solution at a certain time (according to the instructions, depending on the type of lenses and the degree of contamination). After enzyme clean the lens again washed with fresh solution, clean container, and lens cells fill the new portion of fresh mortar. Container for storage of lenses also needs careful care and regular shift. Significantly facilitate care for the lenses multipurpose solutions that can combine cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, dilution of the enzyme cleaner, lubrication, wetting and storage in a single procedure. Buy lenses for every taste and color (soft contact lenses, toric lenses and color), funds for their care and storage containers can be in stores on lenses or in our online store.