Heart Vessels

Certain antioxidant vitamins may lower risk for coronary heart disease diseases of the heart and vessels, which summarizes as coronary heart disease, are widely used in the Western world. The heart attack is cause of death number 1 in the industrialized countries. The reasons for this are manifold. It is proved that the type of diet has a significant impact on the risk for heart Infarkt and co.. So is detrimental to the Western diet with lots of meat of heart health and increases the risk of heart disease.

The so-called Mediterranean diet is beneficial for heart health, a form of diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish. Thus, a good supply of antioxidant vitamins is the related conducive for heart health. Conversely, a poor supply of these vitamins heart and vessels damages. What lessons and practical measures for the promotion of heart health can be derived from it. Has long been known that a form of nutrition as It is widespread in the Mediterranean countries, which promotes heart health. This Mediterranean diet ensures that the person is sufficiently supplied all necessary micro-nutrients.

It looks different in the form of nutrition, which is rather common in us and is dominated by meat, little fruit and vegetables and fast food. This form of diet is quite obviously no longer suitable to provide the people of the industrialized nations with sufficient micro nutrients. And that has health consequences. A large study from Europe has demonstrated that presented this year by German researchers, that a dietary reducing supply of vitamins, such as vitamin C increases the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular of system. The supply of vitamins is good, then the risk is reduced. As a consequence, the demand is derived from these investigations to change the diet and to make lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to the main source of food.