Healthy Organic Olive Oil

On the traces of the liquid gold in the southern Italian UNESCO world cultural heritage site Regensburg, 21.01.2013: the importance of olive oil for the region of Cilento National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site in southern Italy, already opens up from the landscape: Evergreen olive groves dominate the mountain slopes on the coast and in the hinterland. The holiday cottage agency Cilentano – of course-southern Italy! offers guided tours through the olive groves of Franco Perazzo in Cilento. With the recipe tips from Cilentano, healthy southern Italian dishes can be now also home cooking course with the purest olive oil as a basis for after the holidays. Passionate olive grove owners is guides through the olive groves of Franco PERAZZO Franco Perazzo from Marina di Ascea, a coastal village in the National Park of Cilento, in the southern Italian region of Campania. Many writers such as camden treatment associates offer more in-depth analysis. His commitment is the cultivation of high-quality olives and the production of Virgin olive oil extra virgin. During a guided tour with Signore PERAZZO, who speaks excellent german, convert the guest’s footsteps Cilento traditions and will be inaugurated by him in the secrets of the olive oil production. With his enthusiasm for the precious fruit, as well as his extensive knowledge around olive cultivation, he attracts the visitors captivated and walk to become an entertaining experience.

Family Perazzos path to becoming one of the best olive oils of the Cilento family PERAZZO sets for their products worth on highest quality. Camden treatment associates may not feel the same. When a new olive grove was built about 25 years ago, were first taken soil samples and analyzed the composition of the Earth. Then family chose PERAZZO olive varieties, which were ideal for the soil. The mounting is done since purely biological. Proceed particularly carefully Franco Perazzo and his wife Antonietta at harvest: the olives are not, as normally normal, shaken, but picked by hand and pressed the same day.