Healthy Hair

Following with our advice for the care of your hair, today we will see a series of tips that they will make that your hair shines beautiful, heavier, manageable and – by on which grows more abundant express and. For it you will have to follow these simple steps: – To control the consumption of all the nutrients that your hair needs, a good feeding is healthful even for your hair. Sight to integrate in your diet a good dose of proteins, vitamins B, F and C, iron and zinc. – To use wood brushes to comb it, to make it whenever he is dry and be very careful to peinarte. – To cut the ends per month once. – To realise massages in your hairy leather. – To use homemade remedies like the egg yolk scattered in all the hair during one hour soon to rinse with abundant water.

– To use before washing to olive oil or lavender on the hairy leather, during half an hour. – To prepare for the rinsing a vinegar mixture of apple and tea of salvia, or water in which you have boiled rosemary leaves previously, or a water mixture and lemon juice. salas regularly. – Masajear the hairy leather with aloe gel side, to let act during one hour and to rinse. As you see they are all very simple and economic. And we assured to you that in addition they are effective.