Healthy Companies

Powerful spirit of more powerful body. The requirements on companies and their employees are now huge. Time pressure, overwork and exhaustion more frequently lead to stress-related disorders. Already the Romans knew: mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body. More and more businesses recognize this connection and are looking for effective solutions to sustainably improve the mental and physical health of their employees. The unique GEIKO health programme starts right here.

Gunter Sanap (top management and mental coach) and Valentin Tschebrukov (fitness coach and former pro athletes) offer a holistic approach to achieve the business objective for the first time health. Companies benefit from the sport at the elite level has been intensively worked always on two levels. Long-term success are only, when body and mind are well trained and allow enough rest recovery. GEIKO aims, this balance also when Managers, entrepreneurs and employees to create and maintain. GEIKO – for the economy.

Who visits a GEIKO workshop, learn the balance of one’s own body and mind. Mentalcoachings alternate with highly effective workouts and recovery phases. The two coaches are a good team, and the sequences are perfectly matched. The result is more than the sum of its parts: balanced, motivated people who are comfortable and full energy. Companies make how for example, Porsche to use Austria and Schmidt’s heirs. Training and company-specific programmes GEIKO are offered training as in-house events. Last tuned between half a day and several days exactly to the needs of your company. By the way: on November 13, 2007 Gunter Sanap and Valentin Tschebrukov present principle in the hotel of Martinspark in Dornbirn the innovative GEIKO. Interested entrepreneurs, managers, and decision makers are invited!