It is real that who defines who we are in the present, certainly, she is the past, and this in the reading of letters is reflected with the appearance of determined arcane, like the six of glasses. This she is an arcane minor who speaks explicitly of the past, and the memory of the good moments that we have lived. We cannot stop interpreting this letter in relation to the previous one in the family of the glasses, the five of glasses, the one that speaks to us of a loss, melancholy, weighing in the heart. But now the moment has arrived for healing, and to watch at the past is a good form to make it, to remember all the good things that all the beneficial one has succeeded us and who we have gathered throughout our life. The education of the six of glasses is that it is necessary not to concentrate itself in the negative, but very on the contrary, in the positive aspects of our existence. After which the glasses had been spilled in the five of glasses, now it sees them On guard raised again, yet his gift of gifts, energy and happiness. This point is demonstrated in the flowers that the blossoming glasses, synonymous undisputed of and joy can be appraised within. Now that we have watched backwards, the way will become clearer when we watch forwards.

To watch towards our past is not in all the cases synonymous of negatividad, it is it only when the person obsesses with facts and events that will not be able to change, no matter how hard it wants. It is precise to watch the past with spirit of apprentice, of whom it looks for to know and to deepen on llos reasons for his present situation, without reproaches, but with an innocent and youthful spirit, having property in possession all the good one that the future offers us, new and wonderful opportunities. In conclusion, when it leaves the six glasses in the reading of letters, it says to us that in a moment we will receive a gift, a gift, a new blessing. To arrived the moment for seeing the world with eyes, innocence as a child, with the feeling of that it considers that the present is completely perfect, and its heart is open new experiences. Six of glasses us conmina who are precise abrir mind to all the possibilities of the life, to live in harmony with the rest of the people, happiness and peace. We must live the present, remembering the past, but with the glance put in the future.