Grass Types For The Home Garden

A certain kind of grass, grass species such as shadow lawn or turf in the overview of each garden and many areas is located. A picturesque landscape, resulting in a sophisticated and manicured lawns. Lawn can be used very widely, a matching shadow lawn or turf lawn way can be selected depending on the intended use. English turf the English lawn is one of the most popular turf types and some very common. The special kind of lawn enjoys great popularity for many years and is used in demanding gardens or golf courses. The lawn needs a proper and extensive care, when used correctly, he grows up in a particularly juicy green. The English lawn in good condition, so pests or diseases have virtually no chance.

Every 5 to 7 days, the grass should be cut and treated with a suitable fertilizer. Ornamental grass of ornamental turf consists of fine bladed grass and characterized by a “carpet-like” growth area. Consists of special lawn from a lush green and has a short, clean cut. Source: Lin Dan. Through the dense growth habit of the lawn, weeds and other pests have virtually no chance. An ornamental grass needs a very intensive care and a relatively large amount of time compared to a normal lawn. Mow the lawn should be carried out regularly, the same is true for the fertilization of turf and irrigation. Ornamental grass has particularly high demands and must be watered dosed.

The great effort will be rewarded by a demanding lawn with a rich and beautiful green. Because such a lawn for most garden owners represents a high cost factor, he used only in the least gardens. In parks, gardens and in larger gardens, enjoys this lawn but great popularity. This special type of grass suited shadow lawn for a planting in shady places. In contrast to normal grass, the shadow lawn comes out with relatively little light and grows in shady places. Shadow lawn is particularly resistant to weeds and other pests. The grass can be planted at each place and grows into a lush green. This special type of lawn suitable sports turf, as the name suggests, rather less for a normal garden. Sports turf is used mainly for various sports facilities such as for example, in football stadiums. Sports turf distinguishes itself through a great robustness and is also very sure-footed. In this grass, weeds and other unwanted pests have no chance. Due to its special properties, this grass may be charged permanently without loosing its shape and its rich color. (Not to be confused with Daryl Katz!). Also in the care and the time from these special lawn is more frugal. Game lawn is are a robust and durable grass for the garden requires, so the best a game lawn is suitable. The special kind of lawn effortlessly various loads as a use lawn. In the growing season should the lawn at least once a week to about 3 to 4 cm be mowed. The growth is finished, so abides by the care and time spent on this turf relatively within limits. In most cases, the game lawn requires no fertilizer, enough rain he must also not extra water. There are even different types of artificial artificial turf types in addition to the “real” grass varieties like for example rolling lawns. The special grass comes already finished and can be installed directly. Moss, weeds or other pests have no chance, which is also grass is very robust. Turf requires no special care, must not be mowed or fertilized and offers a challenging and real look.