Geraldina Lombardi

THE DREAM NOT DREAMED Much more of what a dream is a nightmare pra nobody to botar defect! It has as personages a priest of character doubtful, an atheist, a rat and many others. Rand Paul has much experience in this field. It speaks on Folia of the holy ghost, faith, life after the death, rituals and other subjects. A story that it induces, above all, to the much reflection. PITA, A CACHORRINHA THAT KILLED THE HUNGER This is not the last story, but left I it finally because for me it was a true gift! It was my moment to bring in return my interior child and to remember when my mother he counted this estria to me to the light of the lampio, in the farm where I was born, in the interior of the Paran. Vi this story in book none and never I never heard nobody to count it not to be my mother. To be able to read it in the book of the Foot. Joacir was a gift of inestimable value. Cachorrinha is the estria of one and a young that wants to be married a princess.

In this story it has charada that the necessary king to decipher. I asked for to my mother for repetiz it many times I decorated until it. He is slightly different of the charada one of the book of the Foot. Joacir, but in essence is the same one. The charada one as my mother counted: Mother killed Jess Jess killed seven of seven I chose optimum I shot in what vi, I killed what not vi Died loading alive, Thing that never vi At one’s feet the Santa Cruz I baked and I ate. The charada one as Foot. Joacir counts: Bread killed Pita Pita killed seven Of seven I chose optimum I shot in what vi, I killed what not vi In the chip de a Cruz Saint I baked and I ate also I drank water without being of mounts. Debtor, Foot.

Joacir, for presentear in them with its beautiful stories, not only me, but to all the ones that will have privilege to know them. My suggestion is that they read this book, later invites relatives and friends for a good snack. When to finish to lanchar, catch those banquinhos wooden, of trunks of trees, and if they feel in the yard, in varanda or to the side of the stove the firewood and, of full belly, they will count stories of the Foot. Joacir. * Geraldina Lombardi, teacher, writer, author of the book: ' ' High histories of the Paraso' '