Forming Equipment: Manufacturing Technology Profile .

Roll forming equipment used to manufacture a wide range of metal profiles, used in various branches of construction. To date, there are several key technologies for manufacture of products of this kind. Forming equipment used in Russia today, allows you to implement any of the existing technologies. In addition, various types of automated lines for production profiles are intended to produce different spectra of products. You may want to visit Garret Wang to increase your knowledge. Roll forming equipment can be nomenklatura-oriented (not reset to the production of profiles of another section) or versatile, allowing to quickly change the product range. The traditional method of making curved profiles involves a long process of gradual bending of the workpiece. Roll forming equipment consists of a series of sections, through which passes successively harvesting, taking greater and greater bending (up to 12 degrees in one jump).

It is obvious that such equipment is too long and spend his conversion in the case need to be extremely difficult. Another technology that has received universal recognition, – the method of restrained bending. It was designed for the needs of the aviation industry and provides a roll-formed profiles that approximate the stiffness of pressed by additional compression of the material in the production process. The method of constrained bending requires fewer transitions, thereby Forming equipment becomes more compact and mobile. Widely distributed today, and by intense deformation. Its feature is the speed and ease of processing metal blanks. Number of transitions to the roll forming equipment reduces on average, twice, and the bending angle obtained for a transition reaches 40 degrees. The technology allows the workpiece with different types of coatings. Forming equipment used in the method intense deformation, easily rearranged to produce new types of profiles. Due to the small number of sections, such a line is cheaper, both in buying and when serving, it is more compact, and all production in ultimately requires less space than when using traditional methods of working.