Fitness Training

“Project”Memory training”Diakonia Schwerte radiant faces there certificate transfer for the participants of the project of volunteers memory training”. More than 40 citizens took advantage of the offer of Grete-Meissner-Center and completed a total of 27 training units. Now, the first 20 participants and participants have completed their training. On June 1, they received their completion certificates by Mayor Heinrich Bockeluhr and are now well prepared for the practical work in volunteer service. The enormous response to our project was really impressive”, said Andrea Schmeisser, Director of Grete Meissner Centre. A clear indication that demand is growing constantly for offers for dementia prevention in Schwerte, Germany.” Already in March the senior meeting place and the city had called together Schwerte, Germany to participate in the project. Over 40 interested parties spoke out then and learned in the past two months under the guidance of the experienced memory trainer Dr. Arno know the basics of memory training Walker.

The learned is valuable for participants while in two respects. On the one hand, they train their own mental fitness with exercises, on the other hand they will use their skills now as a volunteer in the on-site. The support offer is referring to people who are no longer mobile due to physical constraints, as well as to people with onset dementia. The great interest in this offer also shows us that the coexistence in Schwerte is a top priority. We are very pleased that our offer to the memory training has raised so many people in Schwerte, Germany”, so Dr. Arno Walker.