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He has written the following books that discuss the engineering applied to human genetics based on empirical experiences. 1 Discovering the mysteries of genetic science human diseases of heart and cancer – where his work about Mirna gene sequence-based sets in relation to diseases of heart and cancer (2008). This copy is used as a text book in many universities in the United States. 2 It was a distant dream, now it is reality – the present instalment consisting of 5 volumes and written by himself describes the genetic human map in terms of disease with Mirna profile. Vol.1 – renal disorder – describes how the cure of renal dysfunction with Mirna occurs through Baruah Sirna. Vol.2 – coronary artery disease – these patients, as soon as the disease is known and destroys the harmful Mirna by Baruah Sirna, begins the treatment of cure. Vol.3-hypertension and Diabetes – where Mirna is detected in hypertensive diabetics and is subsequently cured with Baruah Sirna. as plenty of information regarding this issue.

Vol.4 – Cancer & disposal program, where profile Mirna is detected in the pre and post treatment in cancer patients. Vol.5 – cerebral palsy and Down syndrome – where Baruah Sirna destroys the prejudicial Mirna in this type of patients with genetic desodenes. In conclusion, Baruah applied to human genetic engineering is used to cure diseases untreatable and meagre using its biological shield Baruah Sirna, and is located at a higher level than the current medical sciences; Although you continue to work hard to help the crowd with their countless ailments.