Feet Asleep

Should the toes during the first workouts on the elliptical asleep and tingle, it is probably on the position of the foot, that’s not entirely true. A common problem: to sleep 20 minutes training on the elliptical and the toes. Many elliptical machine users have this problem, and also during regular training, it may happen that the toes fall asleep during training, until they Tingle and feel then deaf. This is a common phenomenon in cross trainers ergometers and similar devices. If the toes asleep on the Cross Trainer, the problem can be managed with some simple tips from the world. In most cases, the sleep of the toes is related to poor blood flow to the feet, for example, by improper footwear. In rare cases, it may be also the diet or a wrong handling of the bike.

Tips against deadened toes on the elliptical, the toes should asleep during the first workouts on the elliptical and tingle, it may be in the position of the foot, that’s not entirely true. The feet must only adapt to the unfamiliar position on the Cross Trainer. The sustained pressure on a single post is unusual for the feet. Often, it helps to try out different positions. The body should remain always upright during training and stand up straight. It should also be possible to breathe comfortably and freely during the movement. This supports the blood circulation of the body and prevents sometimes the sleep of the toes and feet. It can also help to move the legs to promote blood circulation in this way, specifically in the shoes and the soles of the feet to reduce pressure.

The toes can also partly asleep, because the usual pump function of the calf muscles due to the missing rollers off the feet does not exist. It helps during training in between slowly to unroll the feet and thereby raise the heels. So the blood flow is going to be speed prevents so asleep the toes. Too bad or inappropriate footwear it is often blame that on the Cross Trainer the toes or feet fall asleep. Also during the training at home in the living room good and above all suitable fitting shoes on the feet should be on the elliptical. But not too tight lace, because which hampered blood circulation in the movement on the Cross Trainer – again, and then the toes still asleep. As a general rule: the shoes should be just as good as when jogging out of the House. To verify this, a small run may be sufficient, which tests the shoes. Another point against deadened toes could be: good sports socks that fit and are not too thick. In most cases, the toes asleep because the body not yet on the movements and strains at the training has accustomed. Despite the above mentioned tips still having trouble with itchy toes occur during training with the Cross Trainer, a doctor or physical therapist to do so should be consulted. Maybe also another problem is available, which must be clarified by an expert. Petra Frank CrosstrainerBerichte.com