Facial Wrinkles

Traces of emotion and time. How to get rid of facial wrinkles? Wrinkles sooner or later appear at all. And the first expression lines are drawn. Emotions are reflected in the faces and leave their mark. What do you do? Unlearn laugh and cry? Never contract the brow in surprise? Do not ogle, not an arc arch his eyebrows and never smile? Of course not! What wrinkles? Studies have shown that the facial muscles inadvertently cut about 15,000 times a day, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and kinks in the dermis.

Quite often, these wrinkles are already in his youth and eventually amplified. In children, the folds of skin in laughter, weeping, grief and other emotions to straighten out immediately after the cessation of the muscle. In adults in areas where wrinkles occur most frequently, gradually forming wrinkles that have an individual picture for each person. The degree of wrinkling effect and additional factors: the state of the epidermis and dermis matrix, the level of nutrition and metabolism in the deep layers of the skin, as well as the aggressive influence of external factors on the skin (UV light, cold, bad cosmetics, ekologiyai etc.). Rejuvenating poison in medicine often there are cases where the poison in his skillful use of the medicine is. It happened with botulinum toxin type A. Doctors who use it to Neurology noticed side effect of the drug – the site of injection wrinkles. In the early 90s in the U.S. the drug has been registered BOTOX Company ALLERGAN, and in France – DISPORT Company Beafor Ipsen International.