Experienced Traveler

When all the passengers have already choose your seat and sit down, you go to the most-most end of the cabin and look – there are no free of three or perhaps four seats. If there is – it is desirable to sit at the core of this a number that you are not addicted to junk the neighbors, as if you accidentally put a thing (book, notebook, notebook bag ) on the neighboring site. Check that the handle seats up and down and all that arm-chair in normal state. As soon as the plane takes off, you can already pick up pens and chairs to sleep, then even a long flight will take place quietly and easily. It is desirable to immediately ask the stewardess to bring a pillow and blanket, and then later they run out, because all they want for the convenience of putting a pillow under your belt and make it cozy refuge with a blanket for comfort. The toilet needed to go for ten minutes before a meal, or the fifteen minutes after a meal, and then the field of food all in the toilet is always awesome. If you do not want you to have swollen legs due to a sedentary condition and pressure, you should immediately remove their shoes.

If a long flight, it is necessary from time to time to do exercises or just to be walk through the cabin, not to be ashamed of the other passengers, they later also follow your example. Alcohol should not be accepted because they interfere with flight sleep. If you want to use during the trip laptop, the important point is the pre-selection of a suitable laptop if you really love to travel, then you need to choose a compact laptop with a long operating times. Recently, the international flights smoking, no need to check protivosigaretnye detectors in the bathroom – penalties are great.