Even Virtualized?

Less computer for more power: Avatarec offers customers latest technology of less is sometimes more this principle you can apply also to complex IT networks in enterprises. “Virtualization is the latest trend for a leaner ‘ and thereby more powerful computer”, are Michael Kruse and Kai Schiereck hammer Avatarec Business Solutions GmbH sure. You have already liberated some companies of unnecessary computer ballast and imagine the possibilities of this new technology. A virtual machine is not hardware, but software. Filed under: Daryl Katz. So, parallel multiple virtual machines can be operated on a physical computer. The fact that the virtual machine can move into already existing server, the existing hardware resources can be exploited better”, says Kai Schiereck. Michael Kruse added the reduction of hardware reduces the use of materials, the Administration and support costs, and even power consumption”, overlooking the profitability.

For the user ultimately only one thing counts: that the Computer system runs reliably and it optimally supports him in his daily work. Therefore, the technology like a Swiss clockwork must be behind the scenes”work. To meet this high quality set Michael Kruse and Kai Schiereck components from leading manufacturers. Good products alone do not make but it: customers as efficiently as possible to take advantage of, is the task that the credo has made Avatarec. The experts analyze preliminary internal requirements and existing IT-structures in the respective companies. Only then we can advise, what IT solution is really worth”, emphasizes Kai Schiereck.

And this is true not only for the usage of virtual machine! Virtualization is a building block in the diverse portfolio of Avatarec, which includes support for component trade and partial or complete outsourcing of computer in addition to the advice in the complete range of IT and ERP software. Two years ago Hamm-Rhynern have Michael Kruse and Kai Schiereck with Avatarec in the industrial area settled. The company has since grown to seven employees and supports a customer base across all industries. In August, the second starts trainees at the Avatarec Business Solutions GmbH. author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: long turn 5a, 59069 Hamm, Wilberg AVATAREC Business Solutions GmbH, Tel.: 02385 / 9328590, fax: 02385 932 859 99,,